A Lion met a Tiger
as they drank beside the pool.
The Tiger asked the Lion
“Why do you roar like a fool?”
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“That’s not foolish,” said the Lion,
With a twinkle in his eyes, he added:
“They call me the King of beasts,”

Because I advertise!"
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Connect Your Brand to International Audience

Connect Your Brand to International Audience

Connect Your Brand to Captive Audience in Transit

Who We Are

Aquarius Vietnam was established in 2008, initially as a creative services agency specializing in annual report and other corporate communication solutions.

We ventured into media solutions in 2011 by offering an effective B2B advertising platform through “The Connections”, an annual directory that we co-published with Vietnam Chamber of Commerce & Industry (VCCI). In 2012, Aquarius Vietnam was appointed as official media sales representative of Channel NewsAsia for the Vietnam market. We were subsequently appointed by Discovery Networks Asia Pacific, Publicitas Publishing, Reworld Media and Singtel Advertising as their official media sales representative in Vietnam. We will soon add Sony Pictures Television to our media portfolio.
In 2016, Aquarius Vietnam spun off the creative services for annual report and corporate communications into a separate company, which allows us to focus on media solutions, brand-licensing services, and naming rights services.

Leader in Non-traditional Media Solutions

Aquarius Vietnam is one of the fastest growing media solutions providers in Vietnam. We are the leader in non-traditional media, specializing in international, sports and ambient media. We provide our direct clients and agency partners with unique and effective media solutions that connect to the international audience, passionate sports fans and captive audience on transit. Our strategy-led approach allows us to integrate across multiple channels that provides our direct clients and agency partners with the most effective media solutions to reach out and engage with their target audience.

Operating under our AQmedia division, we offer an extensive suite of media solutions including branded content or native advertising, commissioned programs, program or broadcast sponsorship, program placement, television advertising, print advertising, digital advertising, on-ground activation, event sponsorship, destination marketing, etc.

Our client base includes some of the leading companies across the country, such as FPT Corporation, Hoa Phat Group, Vietjet Air, Daikin Air-conditioning, MyKolor, Pocari Sweat, Minh Long Ceramics, Thai Tuan Textile, TH True Milk, Vietnam International Container Terminals, Korea Tourism, Long Thanh Golf, HSC, Far East Foam, ABC Bakery, etc. 

Our clients understand that we connect their brand to sales and growth opportunities, differentiate their brand, products, services or destinations and build customer engagement and loyalty. We CONNECT for Growth.

Pioneer in Marketing of Brand-Licensing
& Naming Rights

We are a pioneer in Vietnam in brand-licensing services, helping prospective licensees venture into merchandising, retail, F&B, e-commerce, etc. in collaboration with and under license of well-known international brands. Operating under our AQbrand division, we help to market Paris Saint-Germain, Old Master Q, and other brands to licensees in Vietnam. Besides brand-licensing services, we are also a pioneer in consulting and marketing for naming rights of public assets such as stadiums and train stations.

Mission & Core Values


Our mission is to connect our clients’ brands to growth opportunities in Vietnam and the international markets, through innovative media and branding solutions.

Our core values are:

  • Work with passion, speed and precision.
  • Keep team small, but dynamic and powerful.
  • Prioritize learning and sharing of knowledge.
Unique Media Solutions
We specialize in international, sports and ambient media, providing unique and effective media solutions to connect our clients’ brands to international audience, passionate sports fans and captive audience on transit. Our media principals include: Discovery Channel, The New York Times, Channel NewsAsia, AXN, TLC, Animal Planet, K+, Eurosport, Vietjet media, Phuong Trang Advertising, etc.

    Connect your brand to your target customers, investors and business partners in international markets beyond Vietnam.


    Connect your brand to passionate sports fans, and associate with the hugely popular English Premier League.


    Connect your brand to captive audience during
    their travel and transit. Ambient ads create very high brand recall.

Market Insights

Growth Forecast in Asia Pacific

The World Bank forecasts strong growth for Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia, but from a significantly lower base level. Among the larger developing economies in East Asia, the World Bank projects that Vietnam and the Philippines to post the strongest growth.

The Philippines is projected to grow at 6.2 per cent in 2017 and 2018, driven by an accelerated implementation of public-private partnership projects and strong domestic demand. The country also benefits from diversified export markets and low global commodity prices.

In the case of Vietnam, the World Bank expects 6.3 per cent growth in both 2017 and 2018. This trend stems from rising foreign direct investment, growing exports and solid labor markets.

Indonesia is expected to expand at 5.3 per cent from 5.5 per cent in 2017 and 2018, while Malaysia is expected to grow at 4.5 per cent and 4.7 per cent over the same period. Growth in Thailand is expected to accelerate gradually, but remain below 3 per cent on average over 2017 and 2018 as high household debt holds back consumption and export growth remains lukewarm.

Elsewhere in Asia, China’s growth is expected to moderate to 6.5 per cent and 6.3 per cent in the next two years as the economy continues to rebalance toward consumption, services and higher-value-added activities, and as excess industrial capacity is reduced.

Meanwhile, India’s economy’s growth forecast is downgraded due to sharp falls in the country’s automobile and real estate sales, and the short-term impact of recalling of the 1,000 and 500 rupee currency bills from circulation. The World Bank predicted India’s economy would grow by a “still robust” 7%, which is a 0.6% drop from its earlier forecast but still the fastest rate of any major economy in the world.
Global growth forecast for 2016 has been revised downward from 2.9 per cent to 2.4 per cent. This is due to sluggish growth in advanced economies, stubbornly low commodity prices, weak global trade and diminishing capital flows.

(Source:  World Bank)

Media Trend

Internet has a major impact on print media as news and other content are increasingly consumed online, and now, on-the-go. Leading news media are investing heavily in digital content as well as capabilities in native advertising and brand activation to stay relevant to the evolving media consumption trend.

As media evolves to a direct-to-consumer world, television is also facing fierce competition. Video-on-demand generates about US$500 billion globally in subscriptions and advertising. More people are choosing to stream video through over-the-top (OTT) services, which deliver film and television content via the Internet, threatening the traditional free-to-air or cable or satellite TV. Increasingly, consumers subscribe to OTT service, although most viewers are expected to supplement OTT to their existing pay-television subscriptions.

As a pre-emptive measure against the disruptive impact of OTT, particularly with the breakthrough in super-fast 5G mobile networks, most media companies and content providers are re-strategizing their business model to acquire digital, social and other capabilities. At the same time, technology giants are on the look-out to acquire content providers and traditional media companies. The proposed acquisition of Time Warner by AT&T is an indication of more such mergers to come.
Other than digital, social and OTT media, other forms of alternative or non-traditional media such as ambient media, transit media, and sports sponsorship are also gaining in popularity.

Our Team

Our Aquarius team commits to connect our clients’ brands to growth opportunities in Vietnam and the international markets, through innovative media and branding solutions. We deliver our commitments with passion, speed and precision.

Our Aquarius team is small, but dynamic and powerful. We consider ourselves as a closely-knit family where we work, learn, care and share with each other.

Our Aquarius management team has over 50 years combined experience in the Vietnam market, and leverages our extensive knowledge of and network in the Asia Pacific region. Our Aquarius sales team has a proven track record in sponsorship marketing, media planning and advertising sales, serving key accounts across tourism, aviation, fast-moving consumer goods, consumer durables, technology, finance and banking, real estate, hospitality, manufacturing and government sectors.

Unique and effective media solutions that connect to growth opportunites

  • #1
  • 14.5mn
  • 80%

    Premium content
    of various genres


    Premier League
    fans in Vietnam


    Brand recall amongst
    captive audience

International Media

Discovery Channel is the leading Pay TV Programmer in Asia Pacific as well as the world. TLC is the leading international travel & lifestyle channel in Asia Pacific, with 1.5 billion household subscribers. Reach out to PMEB audience of factual or lifestyle content. Opportunities for TVC spot buys, program sponsorship or commissioned programs.

Media solutions :

  • TVC spot buy
  • Invite Mr Wright sponsorship
  • Man vs Wild sponsorship
  • Travelogue sponsorship
  • Crea’ve Vigneoes
  • TLC Festival
International Media

Channel NewsAsia is the leading English language news channel in Asia, available in more than 62 million homes, offices & hotel rooms in 28 territories across Asia. Connect your brand to your target investors, partners, and customers in Vietnam, ASEAN, Asia Pacific and globally.

    • Middle East:




    • South Asia:







      Sri Lanka

    • North Asia:


      Hong Kong






    • Southeast Asia:










  • Media solutions :

    • Video vignettes
    • Business forums
    • Luminary Awards
    • IPO Media package
    • TVC spot buy
    • Digital content marketing
International Media

AXN, the flagship channels of SONY PICTURES, delivers 24 hours a day of action TV series, movies, animations and adventure-reality and lifestyle sports programs. AXN audience have a common craving to be excited and thrilled through their entertainment choices. They look for absorbing, fast, heartstopping, entertainment from fictional and real worlds, captivated by stories and characters.

Media solutions :

  • TVC spot buy
  • Program Sponsorship
  • Commissioned programs
International Media

The New York Times is a leading international news source for opinion leaders and decision-makersaround the globe. The New York Times is printed in more than 38 locations, for sale in over 130 countries, and distributed on 110 airlines and in 3,000 quality hotels around the world. Tbrand Studio connects your brand to your target audience through content marketing.

Sports Media

K+ has the exclusive rights to broadcastEnglish Premier League from 2016 – 2019, and La Liga from 2015 – 2018. Football is Vietnam’s first love, and the Premier League is the most watched and popular football league in the world. Sponsor or advertise in the broadcast of Premier League. Connect your brand to passionate football fans. Other than Premier League, K+ also broadcasts La Liga, ATP Masters 1000 and many other major sporting events.

Media solutions :

  • EPL broadcast sponsorship
  • EPL spot buy
  • La Liga spot buy
  • Customized sports reality shows
  • Other sports events
Sports Media

EUROSPORT is Europe’s number 1 multimedia platorm. Every 15 minutes, on average, Eurosport 1 & Eurosport 2 aoract 678,000 viewers. An average viewer spends 36 minutes watching Eurosport 1 and 19 minutes on Eurosport 2 per day. Its digital pla{orm has 1.4 billion monthly page views and 67.6 million monthly unique visitors.

Sports Media

Singtel Advertising offers integrated solu’ons through English Premier League on Mio IPTV, OOH, and targeted Mobile, EDMs and Digital platforms that engage your targeted audience based in Singapore.

Sports Media

P11 (formerly Balfour) is the leading force in digital billboard sports advertising, providing innovative technological advancements that have taken the industry forward to the cutting edge technology used today. The EPL is the most watched football league in the world. The TV audience for the matches is 3.34bn, where the number of homes reached last season increased to 901m. Broadcast in 229 territories around the world, working with 128 different broadcasters. In total, the EPL clocked up 236,000 hours of global TV coverage in the 2015/16 season.

Ambient Media

VietJet Air flies to almost every airport in Vietnam, plus regional routes to Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan, Myanmar, Malaysia and Hong Kong. With a current fleet of 40 airplanes, VietJet Air is the market leader in domestic air travel in Vietnam. It expects to carry 17 million passengers in 2017. Each plane serves on average 350,000 passengers per year. In-flight passengers are a captive audience and cannot just get up and walk away. They are receptive to informa’on during the flight journey as there are few distrac’ons. Ambient ad campaigns engage in close proximity with the audience and delivery very high brand recall. You may also carry out viral marketing or brand activation in conjunction with the ambient media campaign to maximize the impact.

Media solutions :

  • Plane wrap advertising
  • Boarding Pass advertising
  • Inflight Menu advertising
  • Inflight Ambient advertising
  • Inflight Product Integration
  • Digital advertising
Ambient Media
Phuong Trang or Futa serves more than 20 million passengers nationwide each year. Supported by more than 200 ticketing offices and stations and making more than 1,000 trips daily, Futa Bus Lines has the largest fleet of buses in Vietnam. Connect to a cap,ve audience which typically travel more than 2 hours per trip. Brand recall for ambient advertising onboard the buses is very high. Futa also offers transit ads on the outside of the bus, as well as advertising and activation opportunities at the wellequipped Futa Rest Stop stations.

Media solutions :

  • External advertising
  • Onboard Ambient advertising
  • Rest Stop Advertising
  • Rest Stop Activation
  • Restroom Ambient Advertising
Disclaimer:All trademarks, brands, logos and names cited herein are intellectual property of their respective owners.

Brand licensing

We offer brand-licensing services, helping prospective licensees venture into merchandising, retail, F&B, e-commerce, etc. in collaboration with and under license of well-known international brands.

Asia Pacific is the fastest growing market for licensed merchandize, retail, gaming and entertainment.

Case Studies

Paris Saint-Germain

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is a leading French football and handball brand, It aspires to be one of the top ten biggest global sports franchises. PSG builds outstanding teams football, women football, handball, and youth academy, all capable of enriching honors. In particular, the PSG football team is among the European elites, boasting many world-class players. We offer services in brand licensing to prospective licensees interested in businesses related to PSG merchandising, retail and e-commerce, as well as collaboration with PSG in Football Academy

OMQ or Old Master Q (老夫子/ Chú Thoòng)

OMQ or Old Master Q (老夫子/ Chú Thoòng) is a heritage brand established 60 years ago. It is originally a classic comic strip created by the late Alfonso Wong in the early 1960s in Hong Kong, and has enjoyed a huge following across Asia. OMQ is the first-ever comic book auctioned by Sotheby’s and Christie’s. Recently, a grand “Lunar New Year with OMQ” event was held in Malaysia with an OMQ street decorated in retro style showcasing limited-edition OMQ sculptures.

In August 2016, OMQ Dining Room, the first-ever OMQ themed restaurant was opened in Hong Kong. Another two OMQ restaurants in Hong Kong, one in Guangzhou, and an OMQ bakery in Shanghai are scheduled to open soon. The OMQ brand offers prospective licensees in Vietnam and other parts of Asia an excellent opportunity in collaboration or brand licensing of themed merchandising, retail, F&B, e-commerce, games, music, movies, etc.

Operating under our AQbrand division, we help to market Paris Saint-Germain, Old Master Q, and other well-known international brands to licensees in Vietnam.

Naming Rights

Naming rights are a form of non-traditional advertising whereby a corporate sponsor purchases the right to name an asset such as a facility, route or event for a defined period of time, typically ranging from 5 to 20 years. Naming rights of public assets deliver effective benefits to corporate sponsors as well as taxpayers who would otherwise have to help fund operations and maintenance of the assets.
There are several forms of corporate sponsored names. A presenting sponsor attaches the name of the company or brand at the end (or, sometimes, beginning) of the original name. A title sponsor replaces the original name of the property with a corporate-sponsored one, with no reference to the previous name.
AQbrand provides consulting and marketing services for naming rights of public assets such as stadiums, parks, train stations, etc.

Naming rights of public assets deliver effective benefits to corporate sponsors as well as taxpayers who would otherwise have to help fund operations and maintenance of the assets









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